Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures of Filthy Hippies (as Opposed to Filthy Pictures of Hippies)

Lo and behold! Kodaksopeia, Muse of Photography, has bestowed upon Piper McKenzie not merely a handful of snapshots, but an entire photostream on Flickr!  Visit it right now in order to view, well, a handful of snapshots.

But they're not just ANY snapshots, nay!  They're the first batch of photos illustrating the dose of lycergic madness that is Willy Nilly!  You'll see some cracked-up character shots, a shockingly wide spectrum of costumes, and images of behind-the-scenes tomfoolery. (Featured above are Mateo Moreno and Michael Criscuolo as a pair of good-for-nothing beatniks.) Keep you eyes on this space for even more, even better pics as the process develops!

Meanwhile, our good friends at have published a Willy Nilly preview in which Trav and Jeff say some pretty awesome things about what we all hope will be a very awesome show. Give it a read, then check out the preview articles about our many other brethren in this year's Fringe! 

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