Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Willy Nilly Week Two: The Puppies Come Around

After selling out three of our four performances so far, the public is coming around to what we knew the whole time: Willy Nilly is psychogroovatronadelafreakic. For your delectation, here is this week’s roundup of press – all of it is great, actually, even the one negative review from the guy who was offended (it’s an offensive show!). Still here it all is, in a rough spectrum from rave to grave:

Over at Off-Off Blogway, Ludlow Lad makes us a Fringe recommendation and calls the production “outstanding”:

In the midst of a rigorous grokking of the show at the ComicCritique Blog, Friend of Piper Adam McGovern calls Willy “the most hilarious show about brainwashing and ritual slaughter you may see all month!”:

Fusion on the Fly revisits the show and says it has “hit potential” – “It is wild, free wheeling and a little 'off' in a good way”:

Esteemed colleague Michael Roderick, over at One Producer in the City, says “With crazy music, a twist on a dream ballet you have to see to believe, and plenty of double entendre, this is a show that truly lives on the Fringe”:

Trav S.D. gets the bigshot interview treatment at Paper Magazine:

Jeff Lewonczyk is given full rein to talk till he’s blue in the face on Playbill Radio:

Patrick Lee at Just Shows To Go You says, “My reaction to this one-act musical went from mild amusement to annoyed tolerance to outright loathing within 20 minutes… a new low in cynicism.” That’s hard to top:

Our final performance on Saturday night is, regrettably (for you, not us) sold out. Keep your fingers and devil-horns crossed for an extension!

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