Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dainty Cadaver Mad Libs-Style Blog Thing: Crystal Skillman

Crystal Skillman has the unique advantage of being, until now, one of the very few living writers (along with fellow members of Team A Eric Bland and, er, me) to have her work produced by Piper McKenzie. Her serial Killer High (directed by Hope Cartelli as part of the Vampire Cowboys’ Saturday Night Saloon) was a highlight of our recent season, and it’s been a pleasure to work with a simpatico writer. Did we mention that she won the NYIT Award last year for her script The Vigil or the Guided Cradle (a co-production of Impetuous Theater Group and The Brick?). Now you know.


If I could rewrite the ending to any play it would be Driving Ms. Daisy because I just saw the revival with the fam and was honestly pretty moved by those simple moments til the end. Then I'm like - we're going to end the play on feeding pie? I'm pretty sure they're supposed to blast off into space or something. Hey that's what we do!

When I first read the Dainty Cadaver scene that came before mine, my initial reaction was everyone's dead! Then, I thought awesome! Finally, I get to resurrect the dead and bring in da love.

The song I listened to most/had in my head while writing my scene was the Mumford & Sons new album and Matt and Kim (Don't Slow Down).

As Abraham Lincoln said, “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget 9/12. Opps 9/11! (Totally stole that from Children's Hospital by the way. Love that show!)

Before I had Piper McKenzie in my life, I was a hollow shell of a human being. Now I'm hollow AND happy! Tee hee. Actually I'm full of even more bouncy-ness than usual.

The superpower I would least want to have would probably be knives in my knuckles. I mean man I just freakin' cut myself on this amazing German knife my hubby Fred got me on Xmas!

The first play I ever wrote was a poetic absurd play called The Organ Grinder about a boy who leaves a girl, which put to use the experiences of a big horrible recent breakup for me. After that I cried by eyes out at 2 in the morning over the printer at the college computer center as the pages spilled out (this was in Hartford, CT.) It was my first inkling that I should be a playwright not a photographer because my photographs, as much as I love making them, never made me cry.

If I were to finish this sentence it would be SHAZBOT!

Writing for the Dainty Cadaver in this manner worked against my usual process by having to only struggle with one scene. That's a gift dude! I want you all to come to my house and write all my plays.

If I didn’t write plays or do things like Dainty Cadavers I’d probably be dead in a cardboard box in the corner of the street with people passing by laughing.

Grit and Dirt and clever snarls: that’s what little girls are made of.

In the beginning God created coffee!!

Snabfllp nibminimmbinmtt falalaboocheray toddlesmick SHAZBOT!! abbib simblantfermay pobbadooblemirph.

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