Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dainty Cadaver To Be Published!

Exciting news! Piper McKenzie's Dainty Cadaver is going to be published by Midway Journal in February! Now, even if you're not able to make it to his weekend's shows - or even if you can, and you're like, WTF does that script even LOOK like - you can pore over every word of these remarkable collaborations in the comfort of your own living room, massage parlor or casino-top penthouse-cum-secret-rocket. Relive the memories! Create new ones! Celebrate life! You can check out the current issue of Midway here. For those of us too lazy to click through to another website, here are a few words describing what Midway's all about:

Just off of I-94 and on the border between St. Paul and Minneapolis, the Midway, like any other state fairgrounds, is alive with a mix of energies and people. Its position as mid-way, as a place of boundary crossing, also reflects our vision for this journal. The work here complicates and questions the boundaries of genre, binary, and aesthetic. It offers surprises and ways of re-seeing, re-thinking, and re-feeling: a veritable banquet of literary fare. Which is why, in each new issue, we are honored to present work by both new and established writers alike.

We are looking to act not only as a bridge between aesthetics (and maybe even coasts) but we are looking to create a sense of place as well. And like any good fair, place is a relative term as the contents and attractions change frequently. So, if you’ve come here seeking the traditional quarterly magazine, well, you’ve come to the wrong place.

So get ready for the excitement - and thank you, Midway, for supporting this strange effort! There will be further updates when the journal is published - in the meantime, do you have your tickets yet for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday???

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