Friday, January 28, 2011

Dainty Cadaver: A Salute to Our Incapacitated Comrades

Tonight is the Night of the Century! Team A’s Dainty Cadaver is performed LIVE – ON STAGE – with Teams B and C to follow over the coming days. I have posted all the Mad-Libs interviews that I have in my possession, but I would like to take a moment to honor those playwrights who, for a diversity of reasons – bad weeks at the day job, home Internet connection failures, just generally having genuinely better things to do – have been unable to participate. Here are a few words for each:

Maggie Cino was seriously one of the first people Piper McKenzie met when moving to NYC in 1999. Hope encountered Maggie at a FringeNYC photo shoot for the now-defunct Flatiron Magazine – a shoot that, prophetically, also featured Brick co-founder Robert Honeywell and Brick/PMcK stalwart Richard Harrington among its ranks. Then we, like, hung out and went to each other’s shows and stuff. She’s worked with us as a performer in such shows as Babylon Babylon and Willy Nilly, and I even wrote a profile for about how swell I think she is. Now she’s writing for us as part of Team C!

If any playwright I know has forged the way for a middle ground between literate sophistication on the one hand and balls-out whup-ass on the other, it’s Qui Nguyen. His work as a playwright with Vampire Cowboys is galaxy-renowned; his work as a fight director has graced PMcK shows such as Macbeth Without Words and Craven Monkey and the Mountain of Fury; and his moxie as a producer of the Saturday Night Saloon put our immortal creations Lady Cryptozoologist and Killer High on the map. Now, we offer him the chance to discipline Team B with his blade of steel.

Playwright, blogger, visual artist – Carolyn Raship is a woman of many talents, all of which are tied up in the package of one single kick-ass lady. The Brick has seen her theater work through her contribution to the Baby Jesus One-Act Jubilee and a benefit performance of her play Antarctica, which, when you think about it, has an uncanny amount of overlap with the themes and concerns of PMcK. Support our sister-in-arms – by visiting her blog, Caviglia’s Cabinet of Curiosities, and by clapping for her words as part of Team B!

So yes, Mac Rogers has written fascinating, critically acclaimed plays such as Viral and Hail Satan, produced by his home company, Gideon Productions. He’s also an actor of great notoriety, what with his prostitute-killing turn in Nosedive ProductionsAdventures of Nervous-Boy and other noted theatrical outings. But does any of that really matter here? (shuffles through note-cards) Oh. Yes, it does. Mac is the only Dainty Cadaver playwright who is actually performing in his own work – which gives him the unfair advantage of being able to rewrite his lines on the sly, but such are the vagaries of independent theater production. Come see Team A tonight and try to trip him up!

As for me, well, you’ve heard enough about me this week. I’m a Team A playwright. I produced this damn thing. Come see it. Thanks!

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