Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dainty Cadaver Playwright Profiles: ADAM SZYMKOWICZ (Team B)

This week, we're running a series of profiles of the playwrights for Piper McKenzie's Dainty Cadaver 2012, in which they fill in the blanks in a number of outlandish and unhelpful statements we have provided.

Adam Szymkowicz’s plays have been produced throughout the U.S., and in Canada, England, The Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania. They are published by DPS and Samuel French. Adam studied playwriting at Columbia and Juilliard and is a two-time Lecomte du Nouy Prize winner, a member of the Dramatists Guild, Writer’s Guild of America, Primary Stages’ Dorothy Strelsin New American Writer’s Group, MCC Playwright’s Coalition and was a founding member of the Ars Nova Play Group. He was in residence at the William Inge Center and The Chance Theater and was commissioned by South Coast Rep.

  1. The playwright whose work I’d most like to continue in my own words is SHAKESPEARE because HE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING.

  2. I think that theater in this country needs more FREE ART and less RELIGION IN SCHOOLS.

  3. If I could steal one character from another play and put them in my own play, it would be PUCK because SHAKESPEARE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING.

  4. Some would describe me as the bastard love child of MY PARENTS, BUT THEY WOULD BE WRONG.

  5. At times I SCOFF at ELEGANT DESIGN between CROSS GUARD enforcing RADICAL bathysphere LOST collateral PINING for SUSTENANCE and also HOPE in case of ANGRY dandelions BUSKING for profit.

  6. AIN’T ME Dainty Cadaver PALAVER.

  7. The one thing I think it’s important for audiences to know about me is HOW BEST TO PURCHASE MY PLAYS.

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