Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dainty Cadaver Playwright Profiles: CHANCE MUEHLECK (Team B)

This week, we're running a series of profiles of the playwrights for Piper McKenzie's Dainty Cadaver 2012, in which they fill in the blanks in a number of outlandish and unhelpful statements we have provided.

Chance D. Muehleck is a creator of play texts, theatre assemblies, and concepts for performance. His company, The Nerve Tank, was recently named a Person of the Year by the New York Theatre Experience. He is the recipient of the John Golden Award for Excellence in Playwriting, and his work has been published by Smith & Kraus, United Stages, and Indie Theatre Now. His multimedia performance installation The Attendants was called “an important new development in performance” by the Village Voice. Chance wrote and directed the short film “Sponge,” and his feature “The Vultures” was a finalist for the Slamdance Screenplay Competition.

  1. The playwright whose work I’d most like to continue in my own words is BECKETT because I’D LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT COPYRIGHT LAW.

  2. I think that theater in this country needs more SKATE and less BORED.

  3. If I could steal one character from another play and put them in my own play, it would be HAMLET because THAT’S NEVER BEEN DONE, RIGHT?.

  4. Some would describe me as the bastard love child of BUGS BUNNY and MARINA ABRAMOVIC.

  5. At times I STARE at LED LIGHTS between SIPS OF COFFEE WHILE_enforcing SEVEN bathysphere TOY DIVERS WITH collateral CHEESECAKE for ALL and also TWIST FIRMLY in case of FUNGIBLE dandelions AUCTIONED for profit.

  6. FROLICKING Dainty Cadaver BUZZSAWS.

  7. The one thing I think it’s important for audiences to know about me is I LOVE THEM.

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