Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dainty Cadaver Playwright Profiles: JEN SILVERMAN (Team A)

This week, we're running a series of profiles of the playwrights for Piper McKenzie's Dainty Cadaver 2012, in which they fill in the blanks in a number of outlandish and unhelpful statements we have provided.

Jen Silverman is half-robot half-electric-eel, and her veins are full of sweet cabernet. She received her MFA from Iowa Playwrights Workshop, her BA from Brown, and any other credentials from the mean streets of various international cities. Her play Crane Story premiered Off-Broadway in 2011 at the Cherry Lane with The Playwrights Realm, and her one-act “The Education of Macoloco” won the 2009 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Play Festival and was published by Samuel French. In 2011 she was a US Delegate for a China/America Writers Exchange in Beijing and Chicago, and is currently in residence at the MacDowell Writers Colony.

  1. The playwright whose work I’d most like to continue in my own words is GOD because HE HAS SEX AND VIOLENCE DOWN TO AN ART, JUST LOOK AROUND.

  2. I think that theater in this country needs more VISCERAL DARING and less EASY AND COMFORTABLE TROPES.

  3. If I could steal one character from another play and put them in my own play, it would be HAMLET because THEN I COULD MAKE HIM MAN UP.

  4. Some would describe me as the bastard love child of ROMULUS and REMUS.

  5. At times I GOGGLE at THE JELLYFISH between THE ROCKS enforcing INTIMACY WITH MY bathysphere AND REPRESENTING collateral DAMAGE for THE SAKE OF ENTERTAINMENT and also A GENERAL ENNUI in case of CARNIVOROUS dandelions CARNIVORATING for profit.

  6. BRING ON THE Dainty Cadaver !!!.

  7. The one thing I think it’s important for audiences to know about me is I MIGHT MUG YOU.

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